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Decided By Experts

Panel of key opinion leaders and dining tastemakers

Veronica Phua


As fervent about good food as she is about content creation, you can find Veronica on Instagram where her two passions collide.

Azimin Saini


Azimin Saini has spent over a decade in journalism, largely covering the restaurant scene. Today, he freelances for luxury titles like The Peak, Tatler Singapore, CNA Luxury, and Lifestyle Asia.

Rosalyn Lee


Affectionately known as Rozz, she's a content creator and dining tastemaker, inciting wanderlust with her travels — with 66 countries visited to date.

Charlotte Mei


A nutritionist by training, Charlotte Mei is a presenter, podcast host, and digital content creator on a mission: to improve nutrition literacy and help people build a healthy relationship with food.

of the Year

Culinary maestros at the top of their game.
Sun Kim of Meta, Tambi
Elevating Korean produce and techniques to greater heights, the Waku Ghin alum has chocked up award after award for his global approach on his native cuisine.
Rishi Naleendra of Cloudstreet, Kotuwa, FOOL, Bincho
Hailing from Colombo, Rishi creates concepts that are equal parts playful, personable, and creative — with an Aussie and Sri Lankan edge.
Daniel Chavez of Canchita Peruvian Cuisine, Tinto Spanish Cuisine
A leader in Latin American gastronomy in Singapore, he develops menus and concepts that showcase the culinary diversity of the continent.
Carlos Montobbio of Esquina
This Barcelona native has developed the restaurant into a leader in contemporary Spanish and Catalan cuisine, inspired by heritage and personal culinary memories.
Jason Tan of Euphoria
This award-winning Singaporean culinary star introduced the world to his Gastro-Botanica philosophy, that places importance on the botanical elements of produce.
Johanne Siy of Lolla
She’s evolved the underground supper club to an award-winning dining destination championing seasonal, produce-driven European cuisine with Asian influences.

Sustainable Restaurant
of the Year

Championing sustainability through innovation,
creativity, and responsibility.
Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong
This fish farmer-owned restaurant is the first to serve locally-farmed seafood, and they've changed the perception of domestically farmed seafood.
This farm-to-table concept sources produce from their in-house sustainable urban farm which practices regenerative farming.
Open Farm Community
With an environmentally-conscious design, a waste management system and other best practices, this urban farm is a pioneer in sustainability in Singapore's F&B scene.
Restaurant Labyrinth
These "new Singaporean" plates are born out of a culinary philosophy that champion local farmers, such as Ah Hua Kelong, Jurong Frog Farm, and Edible Garden City.
The gastro wine joint serves MSC- and ASD-certified produce and organic wines. With their own soil compost, they regrow vegetables too.
Super Loco
Part of The Loco Group that formed the F&B Sustainability Council, this Mexican mainstay serves a carbon-conscious menu and practises a zero waste policy.

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About Diners' Choice 2023

Chope Diners’ Choice: Discover the best restaurants of the year

Are you a food enthusiast seeking the ultimate dining experience? Look no further! Chope Diners’ Choice is your go-to bible to discover the finest eateries in town. With a vast selection of Diners’ Choice restaurants and a unique voting system, Chope ensures that you can indulge in the best culinary adventures, chosen by diners themselves. We'll explore how Chope Diners’ Choice works, what makes it exceptional, and how you can find the best eateries, including the restaurant of the year.

Chope Diners’ Choice: A unique dining award

Chope Diners Choice is a one-of-a-kind initiative that combines Chope's top-notch restaurants on our dining platform with the opinions of discerning foodies. Users can vote for their favourite eateries across various categories, influencing the rankings and helping fellow diners make informed decisions. The result? A curated list of Diners’ Choice restaurants that cater to every taste and occasion, making it easier than ever to discover exceptional dining experiences.

A diverse selection of Diners’ Choice restaurants

With Chope Diners’ Choice, you can explore a plethora of Diners’ Choice restaurants spanning different cuisines, locations, and price points. Whether you crave authentic Italian, exquisite sushi, or mouthwatering barbecue, the platform has something for everyone. The best restaurants are on this prestigious list that highlights the crème de la crème of the culinary scene, just a click away. These eateries have earned their spot by consistently delivering exceptional food, service, and ambience.

Diner's Choice voting system

What sets Chope Diners’ Choice apart from other restaurant discovery platforms is its unique voting system. Users can cast their votes for their favourite establishments in various categories, such as best brunch, most romantic restaurant, or top family-friendly spots. By doing so, they contribute to a dynamic ranking that reflects the collective wisdom of the dining community. This system ensures that only the most deserving eateries are dubbed Diners’ Choice winners.

Discovering the best restaurants on Chope

Chope’s best restaurants are a compilation of the finest eateries that have earned rave reviews from diners and industry experts alike. By booking a table at one of these establishments, you can rest assured that you're in for a top-tier dining experience. Chope's user-friendly platform makes it a breeze to browse through the best restaurants, read reviews, and reserve your spot with just a few clicks.

The coveted Restaurant of the Year award

Each year, Chope Diners’ Choice bestows the prestigious Restaurant of the Year award upon the most outstanding eatery. This accolade is determined by a combination of user votes that look at food quality, service, and ambience. By reserving a table at the Restaurant of the Year, you'll be indulging in the ultimate dining experience.

Chope Diners’ Choice

Chope Diners Choice is an innovative platform that elevates the restaurant discovery experience by putting the power in the hands of discerning diners. With its diverse selection of eateries, unique voting system, and curated lists, it's never been easier to explore the culinary world and find your new favourite spots. So why wait? Book your table at a Diners’ Choice restaurant today and treat yourself to an unforgettable dining experience. More info... Less info...