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Check out our Diners' Choice 2021 winners here!

  • Restaurant
    of the Year

    The star of Singapore’s dining scene.

  • New Restaurant
    of the Year

    Let’s celebrate the new kid on the block.

  • Bar
    of the Year

    The cocktails and conversations that left you shaken and stirred.

  • Cafe
    of the Year

    Hip and happening, this cafe’s worth all that buzz.

  • Deal-icious Restaurant
    of the Year

    The ChopeDeals eateries that gave you more bang for your buck.

  • Most Romantic Restaurant

    A cocoon where gazes linger longer, and hearts beat faster.

  • Buffet Restaurant
    of the Year

    When more is more, this restaurant has it all!

  • Halal Restaurant
    of the Year

    Your go-to restaurant for a delicious Halal meal.

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